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Hyper4686sdk is a simple program created only to connect with the l4686skd interface and control or send the frames on the MyHome Bticino system®
The software is easy to use and requires only a usb or serial port and the l4686sdk interface.
As soon as the connection is made, you can write over the program window, when the frame is complete (*....##) it will be sent to the system and you will receive its result (ACK *#*1## or NACK *#*0## ).
Other functions are available such as saving the current log, deleting the page or changing the language.
The program manages two languages, Italian and English, it is freeware and supports Microsoft systems ® Windows.


For users who make a donation, a code will be sent to register the program which eliminates the startup window and allows you to view the graph directly from the program.



System requirements :
System: MyHome Bticino® with a L4686SDK module.
PC: with at least microsoft
® windowsXP, 256Mb ram, 50Mb free disk space, a usb or serial card.




MyHome -> Nice

Schematic for adapting a Nice awning with Neomat L motor to the MyHome home automation system.


The motors of the Nice system (Neomat L) have only one wire for up-down control and the direction of movement is given by the length of the pulse.
Specifically, with a short pulse (<3sec) you have a step-by-step operation (up-stop-down), therefore useless given that the system does not know the last state.
To carry out an ascent an impulse is required greater than 3sec and less than 10, for descent greater than 10sec.
It is not a good solution for a domotic home, you press a button to close the awning and it will start after 10sec..
So to adapt this awning I used an additional remote control and programmed a micro that adapts the signals.
The power of the remote control is taken from the 5v circuit power supply (the remote control used 2 x 3v batteries)


The signal coming from the MyHome system is contact-tight:
ES. the contact on closes, the awning must go up until the contact opens again, the same goes for the descent.
While on the remote control (also to save energy) a short impulse on the up or down key is enough to carry out everything the movement, and you have to give an impulse on the stop button to stop before the limit switch.
The pic has the function of adapting these signals. In the myhome contact module you are using (e.g. F411/2), bring the + to the up and down contact, and connect the respective up / down outputs of the board. The contact module must be configured as for managing a rolling shutter.
Below is the wiring diagram, pcb and firmware.

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Elenco Componenti:
R2=R3=10Kohm (R1 è stata tolta perchè nel pic è stato disabilitato il pin mclr, quindi inutile)
Un telecomando Nice Ergo

Firmware PIC12f509

Attenzione! Lo schema qui presentato, è stato realizzato ed installato sul sistema, quindi funzionante. Ricordiamo che queste modifiche vanno fatte da persone esperte, non ci assumiamo nessuna responsabilità riguardo malfunzionamenti o guasti di qualsiasi tipo.