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MySWEETHOME is a program to monitor and translate the frames generated by the MyHome Bticino® via a connection to a network gateway (Mh200, F452, F453AV) or a USB gateway (L4686SDK scs-open)
With this software you can record the data exchanged by the MyHome components and display them via popup messages, you can define which events to show or view them all.With the current version have been introduced several utilities such as the management of auxiliaries, temperature probes, cameras and scenarios . Furthermore the program can use microsoft agents to show the translated message and read it more easily.
Through the program it is possible to send open frames to the system by writing in openwebnet and immediately seeing the answer both on the monitor connection and on that command. The software is miltilingua and it is therefore possible to create your own translation by editing the .lng file with the notepad and saving the file with the name of the new language, the structure of the .lng file is identical to a .ini file and the inserted comments will help you understand how to make the translation or create your own personalized message.

The program is freeware and supports Microsoft® Windows systems, some tools are reserved for supporters.


System requirements :
System: MyHome Bticino® with a gateway (Eg. MH200 - F452 - F453AV - L4686SDK scs-open).
PC: with at least Microsoft
® windows98, 128Mb ram, 50Mb of free disk space, a network or USB card.
MSAGENT : To use Microft agents® is necessary to install the relative engine, to make them speak it is also necessary the voice translator:
Instructions for installing and detecting installed objects:


News :
Now the configurator is available to help you set all the program parameters.




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