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MyEnergyis a program to monitor the energy consumption of your system with the ability to store the data received from MyHome Bticino®
The software is easy to use and it does not require large resources to the pc. Through the options it is possible to start the minimized program, without disturbing the work on the pc.
It is possible to force loads directly from the program by clicking on the corresponding dash (led to the right of the mini chart)
The icon in the system bar provides information on the consumption in Watt of the system and with a simple click you can view all the information received from the central control loads.
The information read by the system is:
Voltage(V), Current(A), Power(W) and Energy.
Visualization of the time graph of the last readings and of the maximum and average power.
You can export the database to a text file to work with data stored on other programs.
The program is freeware and supports Microsoft® Windows systems.

For users who make a donation, a code will be sent to register the program that eliminates the start window and allows to view the graph directly from the program.



System requirements :
System: MyHome Bticino® with a webserver (Eg. F452 - F453AV) and F421.
PC: with microsoft
® windowsXP (or above), 256Mb ram, 50Mb of free disk space, a network card.
Warning: the new F521 interface is not compatible with this system.



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