ScenarX manages scenarios of F420 modules


zip Download V. 1.4.3 (multi language) file zip (binary only) 403,88Kb (Help guide inculded)

installer Download V. 1.4.3 (multilingua) windows installer 3,98Mb (Help guide inculded)

pdf Download only help guide V.1.4 (ITA-ENG) 288,31Kb




MyEnergy Monitors consumption readed by the F421


zip Download V. 1.3 (ITA-ENG) file zip (binary only) 630Kb (Help guide inculded)

installer Download V. 1.3 (ITA-ENG) windows installer 2,57Mb (Help guide inculded)

pdf Download only help guide 1.3 (ITA-ENG) 374Kb




MySweetHome Monitors and translates the frame openwebnet transmitted by the system


zip Download V. 0.99 (ITA-ENG) file zip (binary only) 428Kb
(Without help guide)

installer Download V. 0.99 (ITA-ENG) windows installer 2,32Mb
(Without help guide)

installer Download the configurator (ITA-ENG) 2,32Mb
(It helps to setting the parameters of Sweethome without work on XML files)



HyperL4686SDK It communicates with the L4686SDK to sending and receiving OWN frames transmitted by the system


installer Download V. 1.0 (ita/eng) windows installer 1,43Mb



Myhome > Nice Motor Control Neomat L with a F411/2 or F411/4


hex Firmware of PIC12f509 (.hex) 612Kb

zip Circuit diagram and components 612Kb



Varie Generic software


hex GameZ Button (.zip) V. 1.0 - 188Kb
Software to test buttons and perform actions (ITA).
Useful for setting or try settings ipac or smartASD

Need framework 3.5.
More info on the item at MyRelax


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